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Journey to Siem Reap Cambodia


There's magic about Cambodia that casts a spell on manay who visit this charming yet confounding kingdom.Ascend to the realm of gods at the mother temples. Angkor wat , a spactacular fushion of symbolism,symmetry and spirituality. Descend into the hell of Tuol Sleng and come face to face with the Khemer Rouge and its killing machine.Welcome to the conundrum that is Cambodia: a country with a history both inspiring and depressing, an intoxicating place where the future is waiting to be shaped.
 just a Angkor is more than its wat , so too is Cambodia more than its temples.The chaotic yet charismatic capitol of Phnom Penh is hub of political intrigue,economic vitality and intellectual debate.All too often overlooked by hit-and- run tourists ticking off Angkor on a regional tour ,the revitalised city of siem reap is finally earning plaudits in its own right thanks to a gorgeous riverside location, a cultural renaissance ,and a dinning and drinking scene to rival the best in the region. And dont forget the rest of the country :relax in the sleepy seaside town of Kampot and trek the nearby Bokor national park ;take dolphin at Kratie or simply choose a beach near Sihanoukvil.

My trip to Siem Reap , Cambodia  (8-11 August 2010)

By flying with Airasia to Siem Reap the trip takes about 2 hours from the LCCT , Kuala Lumpur . The feeling Of surprised upon arrival at Siem Reap airport is very quiet and clean  and also no either one plane at the airport .Luckily our drive and tour guide Mr. Tom were already waiting for us outside the arriving hall.

Mr. Tom sent us to the hotel first and after we check in and put our stuff , our trip in Siem Reap started by going to the floating village on the Tonle Sap Lake .The trip take around 1hour for boat trip around  the floating village .After the floating village trip we went  to having lunch at the street called Pub Street.After that we headed for Angkor Wat . Angkor Wat ( Wat Temple ) is the central feature of the UNESCO World  Heritage Site of Angkor the Magnificent containing remains of the khemer Civilization . Angkor Wat's rising series of five towers culminates in an impressive central tower that symbolizes Mount Meru Mythical. Thousands of feet of wall space are covered with  intricate carving depicting scenes from Hindu Mythology

Our trip in Siem Reap continue by visiting different and unic temple such as Angkor Thom, Bayon, The jumgle temple call Ta Prohm ,Baphuon, Prasat Suot Prat and Banteay Kdei .We also went to the lady temple call Bantey Srei temple and drove 2 hour to Beng Mealea which is a mystery temple at Angkor also name as a Lost Temple .The other interesting place we visited was a river full of stone carvings.To reach the place take 1 hour drive from the ladies temple and have to walk 1.5 km into the jungle to reach the interesting river and waterfall .

Sincerely Mr Tom has invited us to his house for lunch . our arrival was greeted with open arm by the family of Mr Tom . We also brought gifts to the children .After enjoying the meal we were taken by Mr Tom to visit a factory who producing leather and stone carving .all the handicraf made by children and orphans who lost thier families deu to war and the mine.because they are overhelmed by the situation we have bought some of their hands as a result of the contribution .

The last place we went is the Angkor Night Market .In the time we having the shopping we came cross a young seller in the middle of selling fried tarantulas and crickets then we stop and buy one of each and have a try ....
We also end up in that nite to having exortic dinner with BBQ sanke meat , kangaroo meat , frog legs,cors meat ,ostrich meat and some fresh prawn at one of the restaurant at the Pub Street.

Travel to Siem Reap giving thousand time of meaning for me to know and learn about some khemer culture and to watch the amazing of Angkor Wat that we always seen in discovery channel.

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